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Editorial The European paper industry wants to lead the pack by Sylvain Lhôte, Cepi Director General, 6 Enterprises&Markets by Margherita Baroni, 8 Cepi news, 12 CO2 Market by Alessia Barone, Sendeco2, 14 Installations&Startings by…


White Cashmere Collection: when Paper meets solidarity

A vision of the future with no breast cancer, also thanks to paper: the White Cashmere Collection is known as a unique initiative in the world that displays works of art by famous…

Sylvain Lhôte, Cepi Director General.


The European paper industry wants to lead the pack

Decarbonising and investing on the route to the low-carbon European bioeconomy of the future. The Confederation of European Paper Industry (Cepi) envisions industry at the forefront of a European low-carbon economy where the…

Shoe press with unique edge control system.

Shoe press

A new concept: the PrimePress XT Evo

While shoe presses have been around for decades, their application for tissue production was introduced in the late 1990s. Andritz was one of the pioneers in this development work for the tissue segment….

Papermaking 4.0

A new generation of paper machines by Voith

Under the name XcelLine, Voith has improved and refined its paper machines for all paper grades. The machines from the XcelLine offer fast and easy start-up, excellent value for money, pioneering technologies, ease…

Bag fillers for toilet and kitchen rolls

Amotek is constantly increasing its presence and penetration on markets worldwide. As result of such precise activity is the Series of Amotek top product model PB182 for toilet and kitchen rolls that have…


Tissue and Integrated Cogeneration: a path towards higher efficiency

Cogeneration is the combined production of electrical or mechanical and thermal energy obtained by the same primary source. A cogeneration plant is built of a gas turbine connected to an electrical generator. Its…

No-Stop unwinder: changing paper rolls without stopping

The No-Stop unwinder is Omet’s new patented module which allows operators to change paper rolls without stopping the machine within a specific timeframe, increasing production and reducing waste levels. This latest innovation from…

Ahlstar range – exceeding standard requirements.

Pumping and mixing systems

Sulzer: further savings and energy efficiency by future solutions

High energy prices have caused all production units worldwide to look for more energy efficient solutions for pumping and mixing processes. It is therefore important to control the energy expenses by reducing power…

Co2 Market

Hanging by a thread… called Donald Trump

A total of 6 gigatonnes emission shares including emission permits and credit offsetting were totally exchanged on all regional and national ETS markets in 2016. The price of the emission shares on the…

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