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A new Easy Crescent by Recard for Meghna Group of Industries 

Customer: Meghna Group of Industries  Production: tissue Supplier: Recard Start-up: May 2017 Design speed: 1,200 m/min Width at reel: 2,850 mm Design production rate: 50 ton/ day Characteristics: the Easy Crescent plant was…

Figure 2. Results for towel grade tissue production.

Focus on Chemicals | Improved profitability, strength and softness

Solenis: how to balance dry strength and softness

by Giuliana Miglierini The new polymer that exit the development programme represents the disruption of the paradigm, according to Solenis’, as it proved able to provide strength without impacting softness. Dry strength and…

Stenman completed the house in just two years and lived there until 1930. Almost 90 years, the top layers on the walls are slowly starting to peel off, showing fragments of articles and advertising from the past, which visitors enjoy reading.

The Paper House

A real house made of paper

Although it might sound like a fairy tale, we are not talking about Hänsel and Gretel, but about a mechanical engineer, Elis F. Stenman, who in the early 20th century started work on…

Figure 1. Ionisation of carbonic acid at different pHs.

Tissue World Report | Focus on Chemicals

How carbon dioxide can support the optimization of papermaking process

by Giuliana Miglierini Different phases of paper productions require a stable and almost neutral pH value: this represent an important factor in order to avoid sudden pH variations in the paper machine, that…

Focus on Chemicals

The many benefits of wet strength resins

by Giuliana Miglierini Strength, handfeel softness and dispersibility in water are key characteristics of tissue paper. Sheet strength is a crucial target in the production of tissue products, which can be pursuit through…

Tissue World Report | Converting & service

EnerOp or Energy Optimised brand: a lesson in efficiency

Converting technologies and relevant maintenance policies and services: the benefits of a well-designed heat recovery strategy. Which are the methods to increase a boiler’s efficiency by adopting a suitable and performing condensing heat…

Long diameter up to 35 mm.

Tissue World Report | Tissue converting

MTorres: one for all (and all for one)

When it comes to address both the needs of the consumer market and the demand for industrial applications, tissue makers were so far required to choose whether to install two dedicated production lines…


Valmet and Södra Cell sign mill-wide Learning Agreement

Valmet and Södra Cell have signed a three-year agreement for Web-based training via the Valmet Online Learning portal. Valmet will provide online courses for all main mill processes to about 600 employees at…

Paper mills

Stora Enso’s SC paper machine at Kvarnsveden Mill in Sweden shut down

In February 2017, Stora Enso announced that it planned to permanently shut down paper machine 8 (PM8) at Kvarnsveden Mill in Sweden due to structural weakening of magazine paper demand in Europe. The…

Technological partnership

Andritz and PulpEye enter into cooperation agreement

International technology Group Andritz and PulpEye have entered into a cooperation agreement to promote, market, and sell PulpEye analyzer technology exclusively in Andritz Pulp & Paper package offerings. This cooperation will enable customers…

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