Looking for harmonization: specific regulation for the paper and cardboard sector

Cepi makes the voice of paper heard in Europe. Work has been going on for two years to harmonise legislation on papers and cardboard in contact with food.  The objective is to define…

Interview to Guido Fornari and Sauro Abrami.

Regulation and sustainability: cross-border consulting

Ecol Studio skills and experiences to assist paper mills throughout Europe

by Federico Reguzzi Different and sustainable producing is a responsibility also for the paper industry. Today, the mills that intend implementing and improving their environmental sustainability, can refer to Ecol Studio – Italian…

Environmental legislation

Everything you always wanted to know… about Timber Regulation

A look at the status of the (UE) 995/2010 Legislation, known as The Timber Regulation or The Due Diligence System, regarding placing timber and timber products on the market and the evaluation of…

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