Peper Production
Examples of hoods specially designed by Neu Air Moving Technologies to contain, capture, suction.

Tissue Converting

Dust Extraction System by Neu Air Moving Technologies

Neu Air Moving Technologies offers a complete and automated system of dust control that guarantees a dust level of only 2 mg/m3 around the tissue converting machines. This performance offers an exceptional level…

Measurement tools

Electromagnetic flowmeter for pulp and paper applications by Krones

Krohne offers the Optiflux 4000 electromagnetic flowmeter, for pulp and paper industry applications, including chemical dosing, bleaching, coloring, and black liquor processing. It offers reliable measurement under demanding conditions, including temperatures up to 356°F,…


Industrial Cooling Water Systems by Solenis

The new ClearPointSM Biofilm Detection & Control program from Solenis helps identify and prevent biofilm growth in cooling water systems. Use of the ClearPoint program can help promote improved heat transfer performance, lowered…

Grit blasting the de-barker drum prior to application of abrasion resistant lining.


Abrasion Resistant Lining Keeps Paper Mill Operational

by Thomas Belli, Marketing Assistant with Belzona. Used to strip the bark from logs, de-barkers are among the most robust pieces of machinery operating within industry, facilitating high volume processing at an early…


Tissue and Integrated Cogeneration: a path towards higher efficiency

Cogeneration is the combined production of electrical or mechanical and thermal energy obtained by the same primary source. A cogeneration plant is built of a gas turbine connected to an electrical generator. Its…

Ahlstar range – exceeding standard requirements.

Pumping and mixing systems

Sulzer: further savings and energy efficiency by future solutions

High energy prices have caused all production units worldwide to look for more energy efficient solutions for pumping and mixing processes. It is therefore important to control the energy expenses by reducing power…

Co2 Market

Hanging by a thread… called Donald Trump

A total of 6 gigatonnes emission shares including emission permits and credit offsetting were totally exchanged on all regional and national ETS markets in 2016. The price of the emission shares on the…


Renewables’ contribution to energy production has risen to 22.3% if one considers the share of electric energy alone

The International Energy Agency, i.e. IEA has once again reported on the contribution made by renewable energy sources to the world energy demand. The expected prospect is a long-term one (the data registered is…


Solenis forms a new equipment service team

Solenis, a global producer of speciality chemicals, has introduced a new Equipment Service Team, a group of professionals specially trained to service Solenis-owned chemical feed equipment at customer locations. The programme was launched…


Buckman Europe Achieves OHSAS 18001 Certification for their Ghent Facility

In May 2016 Buckman achieved OHSAS 18001 certification in Europe for implementation and operation of a management system for occupational safety and health, intended to control risks and improve performance. Europe joins four…

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