L&W Fiber Tester Plus – now available with L&W Crill, the option to measure crill.

Measurement tools

ABB expands its offering for pulp measurements with L&W Crill

ABB has launched the first laboratory fiber analyzer that has the capability to accurately detect the amount of crill in any pulp mixture. L&W Crill is an optional module to the portfolio of…

Fibre characteristics image obtained from Valmet FS5.

Measuring instruments

Valmet adds new capabilities to the fibre image analyzer

Launched in 2013, more than sixty Valmet FS5 analysers are now in use, continuing the company’s 30 year fibre analytic history with more than 1,000 fibre property measurements delivered. Fully meeting the ISO…

Fluid and motion control

Imi Precision Engineering introduces the world’s only Atex intrinsically safe fail freeze valve

The need to maintain piloting pressure in unforeseen conditions is vital for many chemical and energy applications. In many of these processes, the unexpected closure of a regulating valve can lead to loss…

Robasmart – the future of intelligent paper production. The relevant values are acquired from the wear parts, which are fitted with a large number of sensors, and passed on to the control cabin of the paper machine. Then, using Robasmart, the machine settings can be matched and optimized manually or fully automatically.

Industry 4.0

The future of intelligent paper production

The total digitization of production, already called the «fourth industrial revolution» by experts, is now also making its appearance in Austria. Röchling Leripa Papertech is the first company to address the forward-looking theme…


A group at Chalmers University of Technology used cellulose from wood in a 3D printer

A group of researchers at Chalmers University of Technology (UK) have managed to print and dry three-dimensional objects made entirely by cellulose for the first time with the help of a 3D-bioprinter. They…


Voith ProTect ensures safe press felt measurement

In the last 24 month Voith has already installed 37 of its ProTect systems that enable press felt measurements to be taken safely while the machine is running. Another 32 such systems have…

Control and monitoring

Pulp and paper quality control and monitoring

Valmet launches renewed Valmet IQ product family to the pulp and paper industry customers. Valmet IQ is a scalable, online quality management solution to optimize the production processes and the end product quality….

Inspection systems

Clariana benefits from next-generation inspection technology

Clariana – Spanish manufacturer of white and colored paper and liner between 30 g/m² and 250 g/m² – has ordered a cutting-edge Web inspection system by Isra Vision for inspecting colored paper. The…

Dryer Fabrics

Voith launches new dryer fabrics onto the market

With Pyrox and PyroxHigh, Voith is launching two new heat-resistant dryer fabrics onto the market. They are part of the CleanWeave family of dryer fabrics and were especially designed for dryer sections with…

Flow meters

ABB: three devices in one to reduce costs

ABB has launched a new range of flow meters Vortex and SWIRL, aimed at replacing the previous Trio-Wirl line. Both types take advantage of exclusive technology for vortex measuring, offering great accuracy, maximum…

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