Green companies in green projects

Lucart’s commitment to a circular economy for paper


In 2010, the partnership between Lucart and Tetra Pak led to the creation of Fiberpack, a virtuous and award-winning project that represents the evolution of paper, combining environmental sustainability and technological innovation. Fiberpack is a material obtained by recovering the cellulose fibres present in Tetra Pak type beverage cartons. It is possible to obtain 74% cellulose fibres from just one of these containers, in addition to 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminium, recovering 100% of the components.

In just four years, 2013-2016, the Fiberpack project has brought great results:

-over 2.8 billion 1 litre beverage cartons which, if laid next to each other, would equate to a distance going around the Earth 16 times;

-more than 1.2 million trees saved thanks to this initiative, a value equal to more than 4,200 football fields;

-more than 73,000 tons of CO2 which is equivalent to the emissions produced by more than 578,000 car trips from Rome to Milan.


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