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New culture and tendering for paper collection

The tender specifications should ask the collector to guarantee that the collected paper will be recycled in mills covered both by the European Emission Trading system as well as environmental permits for EU…


Assocarta and OMI present the Monografia d’Impresa 2014 prize

Milan (Italy) hosted the Monografia d’impresa 2014 prize, the prize intended for Italian businesses that developed a monograph highlighting their business and history between 2009 and 2014, is promoted by the Business Institutional…


Some believe in miracles…

«Some believe in miracles, but good results are more often the outcome of effort and hard work. Breakthroughs that revolutionise an industry do not happen overnight and cannot be realised within a year….


Waste and secondary raw materials

Paper industries facing each other

by Chiara Italia How is domestic paper collected? How are the materials that come from separate waste collection and those that come directly from the industry defined? When is it considered waste and…


The Italian paper companies which have fewer accidents, have been awarded

Last May in the Foundation “Fondazione Giuseppe Lazzareschi” of Porcari (Italia), the annual ceremony of Obiettivo Zero (Objective Zero) took place, the awarding of  the most virtuous Italian paper companies for the reduction…

Italian paper industry

26 production sites and about 40,000 jobs have been «burnt» between 2007 and 2012

In 2012-2011 production (-5%) and turnover (-7%) in sharp decline hold export (+0.2%), while energy continues affecting up to 50% of costs.

«Stop! »: here comes the warning by Cepi, the European paper industry confederation that calls on the EU policy to block the cost increase of regulatory compliance for the next two years, «the…

Two Sides answers Google about «Go Paperless in 2013»

Twosides answers Google about «Go Paperless in 2013»

In response to the initiative «Go Paperless in 2013» sponsored by Google, Two Sides writes an open letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt. With the letter Two Sides stressed how the ad campaign…

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