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Grit blasting the de-barker drum prior to application of abrasion resistant lining.


Abrasion Resistant Lining Keeps Paper Mill Operational

by Thomas Belli, Marketing Assistant with Belzona. Used to strip the bark from logs, de-barkers are among the most robust pieces of machinery operating within industry, facilitating high volume processing at an early…

Business Strategy

Stora Enso invests in Finland

Stora Enso will invest 28 million Euros in its plant in Heinola, Finland. Aim of the investment is to improve the quality and increase the production capacity of the AvantFlute SC product portfolio….

Luxury Paper

Where there is paper, there is luxury. And where there is luxury, there is paper

by Vanna Pizzetti and Titti Cocola What characteristics must paper have, in the future, in order to meet the requirements of luxury brands? And in what sectors will there be most demand? We…

Malin Bendz, the new Executive Vice President of human resources and a member of the Leadership Team Group of Stora Enso.

Business Strategies

Stora Enso gives up the Kabel paper mill in Germany…

Stora Enso has signed an agreement with Hagen-Kabel Pulp & Paper, a company owned by a group of German investors, to sell the Kabel site in Germany, which produces coated paper using wood….

Business strategy

Stora Enso sells the Kabel paper mill in Germany

Stora Enso signed an agreement with Hagen-Kabel Pulp & Paper, i.e. a company owned by a group of German investors, to sell the production plant of Kabel, a producer of coated paper with…


How knowledge sharing could boost the paper and printing industry

Inaugurated in Stockholm, Sweden, late last year, the new Stora Enso Innovation Centre for Biomaterials will support the company in identifying new business opportunities and facilitate partnership agreements with other nearby facilities, so…

Special papers

New name and new ownership for the Uetersen paper mill

The Finnish Stora Enso has sold the graphics specialist paper mill of Uetersen (small German town in the metropolitan region of Hamburg) to the European private equity fund Perusa Partners Fund 2. Since…

Installations&startings | Finalnd

New aqua cooling calendering technology: first delivery to Stora Enso

Valmet has launched a new and patented calendering technology to the market. The new aqua cooling technology improves the calendering results compared to usual paper production conditions. Aqua cooling calendering is aimed for…

Graphic papers

The range of certified EU Ecolabel cardboards gets wider

Stora Enso widens its range of certified EU Ecolabel cardboards for graphical applications. Now Ensocoat 2S, Aurocard and Performa Alto have recently obtained their certification, too, following Ensocoat, Chromocard, Performa White, Performa Bright…


New communication manager for Stora Enso

Stora Enso appointed Liisa Nyyssönen as new communication manager for the Finnish paper and media division. Liisa Nyyssönen is expected to join the company in June 2015 and will report to the Executive…

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