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Sulzer: further savings and energy efficiency by future solutions

Ahlstar range – exceeding standard requirements.
Ahlstar range – exceeding standard requirements.

High energy prices have caused all production units worldwide to look for more energy efficient solutions for pumping and mixing processes. It is therefore important to control the energy expenses by reducing power consumption without compromising the output performance.

Various directives and standards guide the process industry and thereby also Sulzer’s target setting in terms of efficiency. One important energy efficiency directive is set by the European Union (EU), which has created ErP (Energy-related Products) regulations. These regulations specify the minimum efficiency values for water pumps with the target of reducing energy consumption. Similar types of directives and regulations are being prepared all over the world.

Sulzer not only fulfills these requirements, but exceeds them, bringing maximum savings for its customers. Ahlstar pump range has proven its superior performance by achieving even 93% efficiency rate. The latest addition to our product portfolio, the innovative SNS process pump, has set the standard for efficiency in its class. Thanks to their innovative design, both pump ranges offer the lowest total cost of ownership by cutting down operation, maintenance, and downtime costs. For the tank mixing applications, the Sulzer Salomix agitators do provide the highest efficiency solution for the prevailing process conditions and needs by application in question.

High-efficiency Ahlstar pump.
High-efficiency Ahlstar pump.

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