Ilim Group has signed a contract with Voith to supply a XcelLIne paper machine


Customer: Ilim Group 

Location: Ust-Ilimsk Mill, the key project of Ilim’s large-scale investment program aimed to increase production capacities in Siberia and continue business expansion in the growing Chinese market, where Ilim has been operating for more than 23 years

Production: Pulp and paperboard

Supplier: Voith

Description: Ilim Group has signed a contract with Voith to supply a XcelLIne paper machine. With an annual output of 600 thousand tons, this KLB machine, custom designed by Voith for Ilim Group. Its maximum capacity will be 2,150 tons per day. Paper web width on the winder will be 9,400 mm. The machine will produce kraftliner with a basis weight ranging from 80.0 to 175.0 gsm.

Details: Voith will equip the machine with in-house designed OnControl system, which will ensure full access to process control and data mining. The KLB machine will be equipped with Quality Scanners and Sensors and Web Break Analysis cameras, which allow to monitor and record web breaks on-line and data storage (including images) for further analysis. The machine will also include two separate BlueLine refining lines for SW and HW pulp. These lines will ensure strict pulp stock composition compliance, which in turn will allow to achieve the highest product quality level.

All equipment and systems of the KLB machine will enable optimized production process and operational efficiency. The equipment will be delivered to Ust-Ilimsk as preassembled Mill Installation Units. The heaviest element of the KLB machine, Nipco-P center rider roll, will weigh 79 tons.

Start-up: The machine will be started by the end of 2021