JSC Yarpaper signed the contract with Voith for the extension of existing recycled fiber line


Customer: JSC Yarpaper

Production: Paper and cardboard

Supplier: Voith

Description: JSC Yarpaper signed the contract with Voith for the extension of existing recycled fiber line. A precedent plant audit was carried out by Voith in order to decide for the best solution in regard to final product quality, operating and investment costs.

Details: The order includes Voith BlueLine stock preparation components such like protector system, HiClean HCL5 EcoMizer cleaner system, thickener EFK and several IntegraScreens for coarse screening, fractionation and fine screening. The extension will boost quantity of recycle fiber (270.000 BDT/day) and improve quality and stability of waste paper for PM1 which produces testliner and fluting in the range of 90 to 160 g/m2. Basic engineering, process pumps and site services are completing the scope of supply of Voith.

The protector system based on InduraHiClean high consistency cleaners is removing heavy contaminants in a two stage system. In the first stage, two cleaners are operating with a continuous reject flow into a sedimentation tank. Discharge of the contaminants is done with a heavy reject trap.

The remaining heavy contaminants are removed by a second stage cleaner, which is operating with an inlet stock consistency of approximately 1,3%. Besides the heavy contaminants also smaller particles such like sand or stones are removed in a safe way. With the protector system subsequent equipment in the process line will be protected from wear resulting in reliable and sustainable operation of the plant.

As low consistency cleaner, the HiClean HCL5 EcoMizer cleaner system is foreseen. The innovative EcoMizer backflushing technology from Voith enables inlet consistencies up to 3% resulting in reduced energy consumption, lower investment costs and reduced fiber losses.

IntegraScreens will be used at different screening and fractionation stages. For the different technological requirements at the various screening tasks and stages Voith will supply the most appropriate type of rotors and screen baskets. This will result in highest efficiency and operational reliability in combination with low energy consumption. For thickening, economical EFK drum folding thickeners will be installed for the long and short fiber fraction. This equipment is characterized by ease of installation based on a reliable and simple function. Stainless steel wires embedded in glass fiber reinforced plastic frames are offering clear advantages towards low maintenance efforts.