Sustainable packaging

A green future also in animal food


Not only healthier and more natural foods, but also packaging which is more in keeping with new ecologically sustainable styles. An example? Mondi’s new FlexziBox, a packaging which, instead of plastic, is based on paper, a renewable resource in the strictest sense.

For many companies working in the animal food sector, supermarket shelves are becoming more and more crowded. The number of brands available is increasing, and also the offer of healthier and higher quality food. A market which is becoming larger and is leading companies to also portray the key innovative features of the packaging. On the one hand, improving the artwork on the packaging so as to consistently inform of the quality of the product, and on the other hand aiming to improve the functional aspect so as to offer the utmost practicality for opening/closing the package and ease of transport. Alongside these trends, a greater ecological awareness is also gradually emerging on the part of animal owners. This expresses itself through greater attention being increasingly paid to waste and to the environmental impact of packaging. A challenge with still a lot left to play for, but which is already now showing some interesting results with the growing availability of safer, lighter packaging which favours the use of sustainable supports such as paper. There is an example from Mondi, an internationally known brand in the manufacture of packaging and paper, which has always been engaged in sustainability projects. To Mondi goes the credit for having created a new packaging line, the basic element of which is the use of paper as an alternative to plastic. The new line was developed starting from the concept of the FlexziBox(trademark registered to Mondi), a flexible packaging which, up until now, was made entirely in plastic. The German Mera Tiernahrung, an established customer of Mondi, will be using the new packaging. Mera Tiernahrung is a medium-small company in Kevelaer, involved in the manufacture of animal foodwith the Fressnapf Tiernahrungs trademark.

The FlexziBox comes in three forms

Mondi’s main objective was to develop a packaging which could combine the benefits offered by plastic sachets – lightness, high barrier effect, excellent printability and ability to preserve the product – with the aesthetically pleasing and natural aspect typical of paper. Three formats were chosen, each one suitable to meet the requirements specified by consumers.

•          1 kg: FlexziBox with a flat bottom, with laser perforations for easy opening and a resealable hook and eye closure;

•          3 kg: FlexziBox resealable with a slider;

•          10 kg: FlexziBox, also resealable with a slider, with a handle in the side gusset.


Kraft paper for the new FlexziBox

The FlexziBox line is laminated, uses brown Kraft paper, an intermediate layer of transparent polyester (PET), and a transparent inner barrier layer of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). All the versions are resealable in order to ensure the greatest practicality and freshness; the largest size also has a handle on the side for ease of carrying. A design which fits well with the increasing trend of consumers to favour the sustainable aspect even in packaging of food for their small pets. And it is specifically paper, as a renewable resource, which plays a role with an important advantage in this context. Combined with PET/PE materials, it has enabled an innovative packaging to be created which enhances the characteristics of the food within it.: “natural oven croquettes”. A result perfectly in line with Mera’s expectations which, as Enes Tajic, purchasing manager of Mera Tiernahrung, points out, “pays great attention to the origin and quality of all the ingredients and, therefore, also to the packaging, which must reflect the same principles”. The new line of products is also available on-line under the brand name Real Nature Crafted Choice. The new packaging produced by Mondi is carried out in the transformation process in Steinfeld, Germany, whilst printing and laminating are done in San Pietro in Gu.

What is Mondi

Mondi is an international group operating in the packaging and paper sector, with establishments in 30 countries. The group follows the whole process of manufacturing packaging and paper, from forest management and production of cellulose to paper and plastic materials. In 2017 Mondi recorded revenue of 7.10 billion euros and EBITDA of 1.48 billion euros.

Mondi San Pietro in Gu, founded in 1992, deals with the production and printing of paper packaging intended for the animal food market, food and non-food products and industry.