A new development in LC refining


International technology Group Andritz has launched the latest innovation in low-consistency refining – the TwinFlo Prime refiner, combining concentrated performance in a very compact design.

The TwinFlo Prime builds on the success of more than 2,000 LC refining plants from Andritz operating all over the world. The newly developed LC refiner combines the well-proven basic principles of the current Andritz TwinFlo refiner with the higher energy input possible, reduced maintenance needs, and increased refiner plate lifetime.

The Andritz TwinFlo Prime features the following innovations:

– Fixed connection between rotor and shaft. Both components move together in axial direction.

There are no impediments to axial movement in the process area because this movement is transferred to the coupling via the bearing unit.

– Hydrodynamic, water-lubricated plain bearing. This bearing technology makes the extremely compact design of the new LC refiner possible and enables the rotor and shaft to float freely in axial direction. This leads to a 30% reduction in refiner length and a gain of up to 25% in energy input – with the resulting higher performance – compared to the current TwinFlo refiner.

– Reduced wear on refiner plates. Optimum pulp flow to each refining zone eliminates uneven wear on refiner plates and provides longer plate lifetime as well as reduced maintenance costs.

– Advanced operating conditions. The new LC refiner is environmentally friendly, operating without oil, and features a special damping device to ensure excellent refining results as well as safe operation.

– Versatile in application. The TwinFlo Prime is suited to all LC refining applications regardless of the raw materials and process set-up used.