Work in progress

A new PM for XY Group

Emmanuel Allibe of ABK & Xue Hailong, VP of XY, during the signature ceremony

ABK Group will supply a brand-new Paper Machine with a nominal capacity of 725 tons/day to Chinese XY Group for Geroy Truda paper mill located nearby the city of Dobrush in Belarus. This PM trim width 4200 mm, and design speed 600m/min, will produce white coated board from 210 to 400 g/m2, 240 m2 being the reference grade at 500 m/min. Manufacturing of key equipment will take place in ABK European workshops while other parts of the machine will be manufactured in China under the supervision of ABK (mainly by the company JSHD). The delivery from Europe will include 3 hydraulic headboxes, 1 top former, 1 shoe press, 2 calenders, 1 film press, 1 air turn, 3 coaters. The investment will multiply the company’s board production by approximately 6. The plant will be commissioned in 2014.