Fine screen

A new range for efficient screening


Andritz  presents its new range of Aqua-Screen fine screens, specially designed to meet the most demanding needs in handling municipal or industrial wastewater streams for customers in the environment sector. The Andritz Aqua-Screen fine screens ensure optimum separation of suspended solids from the water influent, thus supporting enhanced performance by the downstream wastewater treatment process.

Proper screening is one of the most important process steps in a wastewater treatment plant. To ensure optimum results, critical parameters such as application, flow, load, composition of screenings (sticky, fine, etc.), size of screenings, and so on have to be taken into account. Within the broad product range of Andritz Aqua-Screen fine screens, customers can easily find the right solution range to meet their specific screening requirements.

The Andritz Aqua-Screen fine screen uses standardized and common frame parts. This design provides environment customers with various benefits such as reduced maintenance time, reduced number of different spare parts required, operator-friendly adjustment with improved access door, and pop-out/pop-in modular design for screen racks and panels (less than 30 minutes needed for replacement of complete filter elements).

With its modular concept, the Andritz Aqua-Screen fine screen is a high-tech solution adapted to customer needs and integrating all existing screening categories:

Aqua-Screen T: toothing system allows effective, two-dimensional fine screening and a lifting capacity (dimensions/quantity) unrivalled on the market; it can be adapted to suit any application.

Aqua-Screen P: perforated plate system allows circular, two-dimensional fine screening – one of the most efficient on the market; it can be adapted to most applications.