Ahlstrom initiates consultation process on future of Stenay plant in France


Ahlstrom has initiated a consultation process with employee representatives at the Stenay plant in France on the possibility of divesting the plant and, if a buyer cannot be found, considering closure.

The Stenay plant produces one-side coated specialty papers for specific uses in the packaging industry, where there is overcapacity in Europe and competition from machines with a more competitive cost structure. The plant has an annual capacity of about 55 thousand tons of specialty paper and employs 127 people. Despite thorough examination of various options and attempts to develop potential new products, Ahlstrom was unable to find solutions that would allow the group to continue operating the Stenay plant. Therefore, after carefully studying all possible scenarios, Ahlstrom is planning to divest the site but also, if a buyer cannot be found, to close it.

«We understand that this is a difficult time for our Stenay employees and we will do our best to evaluate all possible alternatives for the site in order to mitigate any unfavorable social impacts. If we are unable to find a solution, we will work closely with the other Ahlstrom sites, the city of Stenay, the Meuse locality, and other stakeholders to support all potentially affected employees» says Mark Ushpol, EVP of Food and Consumer Packaging.