Ahlstrom publishes its report 2023


Ahlstrom released its Sustainability Report for 2023. In addition to exploring key sustainability trends in Ahlstrom’s environment, the report includes information on Ahlstrom’s ongoing transformation, progress on its innovation agenda, and the transition plan for climate change mitigation. The audit firm Kpmg Oy Ab has provided a limited assurance on Ahlstrom’s twelve prioritized sustainability metrics within the areas of materiality presented in the Sustainability Report 2023.

Guided by its purpose to “Purify and Protect with Every Fiber for a Sustainable World”, Ahlstrom’s highly specialized materials and solutions address key sustainability trends, including enhancing air and water quality, facilitating the transition to sustainable packaging, advancing healthcare, supporting electrification, and promoting the creation of sustainable buildings. These efforts not only underscore Ahlstrom’s commitment to sustainability but also serve as the foundation for sustainable growth.

Helen MetsAhlstrom’s President and CEO: «as we reflect on the past year, I am proud of the progress that we have made on our transformation journey towards becoming the sustainable specialty materials company. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our performance in 2023. In alignment with Ahlstrom’s commitment to science-based emissions reductions, we advanced our transition plan to combat climate change, and our carbon dioxide emissions per ton of production decreased by 7%. Our safety performance also witnessed good progress as the total recordable incident rate decreased by 13%, reaching the lowest level in our company’s history. Moreover, I am delighted that our employee engagement doubled during the year. What excites me most is the role that Ahlstrom plays in contributing to a transition to a more sustainable society. Sustainability is not part of our strategy, it is our strategy».