An innovative compostable oxygen barrier mono-material


Continuing its focus on global sustainability leadership and aligned with its “from Plastic to Purpose” campaign, Ahlstrom-Munksjö has released a pioneering mono-material oxygen barrier technology made of 100% cellulose fibers.

The PureBarrier technology is based on Genuine Vegetable Parchment and boasts numerous attributes including oxygen and gas barrier properties as well as natural wet strength. It is naturally grease resistant, does not contain any loose fiber or added chemicals, and can be made heat sealable with a biopolymer which makes it suitable for a limitless number of applications.

Most importantly, its sustainable “from Plastic to Purpose” features including biodegradability and compostability, make PureBarrier a great alternative to non-renewable oxygen barrier packaging.

«Our “From Plastic to Purpose” campaign continues to raise awareness on the possibilities of fiber-based solutions as a renewable option», said Robyn Buss, executive vice president of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Food Packaging&Technical Solutions. «By educating the marketplace on paper-based packaging options available we are encouraging global industry stakeholders to consider fiber and paper-based alternatives where plastic and non-renewable materials are used today».

«Oxygen barrier properties present a significant technological challenge for Fibrous material as it is a porous structure by nature» comments Dr. Noël Cartier, VP R&D for Advanced Solutions and Parchment businesses. «Our parchment R&D team pushed the limits of fiber-based materials through several years of research to develop and patent this unique oxygen barrier mono-material».

PureBarrier is produced from responsibly sourced and renewable wood pulp, certified according to Forest Stewardship Council standards and is biodegradable and certified compostable with “ok compost/ok compost home” from TÜV.

«Harnessing Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s expertise in natural fibers parchmentization, we created a new generation of materials that rises to the challenges of the flexible packaging industry» explained Brian Oost, vice president of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Parchment business. «PureBarrier is a brand new technology platform, bringing a host of possibilities to pack everyday products in a more sustainable manner».