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An interview with Francesca Carallo

A professional of papier-mache.

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«I always had a need for creativity. I started working with experimental theater where I had the opportunity to work and express myself using body language. That was a time of great discovery at an age where I was looking for my true self. Working as a papier-mache designer has given me the chance to still be an artist and to fulfill my need for expressing myself creating objects using my hands and discovering new ways to show my sensitivity.»

Do you only work with paper? Which techniques do you prefer?

«Nowadays I only work with paper, which is a very soft and ductile material. I’m fascinated with its  lightness, transparency, dynamism and versatility. These properties give me the potential to constantly revise and improve my working techniques. Both papier-mache and the weaving techniques that identify my work has no limits on the size and volume of what I can create.

My recent creations make extensive use of the technique (papier mache’), the technique that has been used to create the Bolas light sculptures.


Achieved by mixing various types of paper creating different shades and colours once they have been soaked or by simply adding natural pigments. They are of differing sizes and their lightness (not fragility) allows for the possibility of using them in different settings. Hanging, resting on any surface creates a play of light becoming air floating in space.

Paper is the key material in my work. This medium allows for unlimited possibilities and designs. Every piece has its own unique characteristic.

Respect for and commitment to the various phases of work is fundamental.

They are forms which should be seen in real life and touched by hand. No piece is ever the same as another even if it shares the same name.

The fundamental synthesis of my continual research and experimentation is lightness and transparency.»

How your latest work looks like?

«After many years of experience I’m now able to design very versatile objects that can have different uses and functions, from being sculptures to lamps which create interesting lighting effects.»

Did you ever work with foreigner customers? In which countries have you been more succesful?

«Yes I always had many costumers from around the world like Japan, Canada, England and the Emirates and in some cases, these have resulted in long lasting collaborations.»



Verona – Abitare il tempo – Cologne –  Fuori salone Milano – Parigi Majson & Object.

Show  room:

Boffi Milano –  Cassina Mlano –  Miyake London –  Roseland Gallery Toronto –  Luminaire Miami  – Shoico Tokio  –   Yeoward South  London

Recent project Creations:

Resort Casta Diva  (Como)

Castello  Monaci   (Lecce)