Andritz machine will produce corrugating medium and two-ply testliner for Burgo


Customer: Burgo Group, Avezzano mill

Supplier: Andritz

Production: from printing and white writing to brown packaging paper

Start-up: the end of 2017

Design speed: 1,200 m/min

Width at reel: 5,340 mm

Design production rate: 200,000 tons

Characteristics: the order is to rebuild and convert its PM2, a printing and white writing paper machine, and its approach system into a modern brown packaging paper machine. The machine will produce corrugating medium and two-ply testliner with a basis weight range of 80-170 gsm for the production of containerboard. The raw material is recycled OCC and mixed waste paper.

Details: a new stock preparationline with a design capacity of 700 bdmt/d is also included in the delivery. The line comprises a pulping system with FiberSolve FSR pulper, cleaning, screening, fractionation, and thickening, as well as a reject handling system. The existing approach flow system will be rebuilt, and a new ShortFlow deaeration system will be installed.

The scope of supply further includes a new PrimeFlow SW headbox for the top-ply and a new PrimeForm SW top former, as well as elongation of the bottom Fourdrinier. The pre-dryer and after-dryer sections will be equipped with PrimeRun Web stabilizers for the single- and double-tier dryer groups to optimize the runability of the machine. A PrimeAir Glide air turn will also be installed after the existing film press. In order to reach the maximum drying capacity needed to achieve the new production targets ten new PrimeDry Steel cylinders will be added to extend the after-dryer section.