Installations - Austria

Andritz successfully starts up Europe’s largest new paper machine for Zellstoff Pöls


International technology Group Andritz successfully started up Europe’s largest new paper machine for specialty papers, supplied to Zellstoff Pöls, Austria. The PrimeLine paper machine produces very high-strength paper grades used primarily for carrier bags, high-grade medical packaging, and food packaging.

«We were very impressed by the start-up – also because it took place one month ahead of schedule,» says Jürgen Rieger, Chief Operating Manager at Zellstoff Pöls. The Andritz scope of supply comprised the stock preparation plant, the approach system, the complete PrimeLine paper machine (working width 4.5 meters) with hybrid former, shoe press, steel Yankee, calender, and slitter-winder, as well as pumps and the complete plant automation equipment. At a design speed of up to 1,200 meters per minute, the paper machine has an annual capacity of 80,000 tons.

Siegfried Gruber, Head of Project Engineering at Zellstoff Pöls, explains what was decisive in awarding this order to Andritz Pulp & Paper: «Decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry and the ability to deliver a complete plant with maximum efficiency in terms of energy use and drying.» An Andritz steel Yankee is used in order to enhance energy-efficient drying: With a diameter of 6.7 meters and a shell length of 6.25 meters, the PrimeDry Yankee is the largest in the world. Due to its size, the 150-ton Yankee was delivered to the customer’s mill in two halves and assembled on site – a production and supply concept that only Andritz offers worldwide.

Andritz PrimeLine paper machine.