Arauco to build pulp plant in Brazil


In the challenge to search for new opportunities that contribute to its development, the Chilean company Arauco  announced the recent collaboration agreement between the company and the State of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. This is the first step towards the construction of a new pulp mill in this country. It is important to highlight that this initiative, which is called «Project Sucuriú», is subject to several variables that are being studied. Among them, market conditions, the environmental impact permit, the timber offer assessment, and the approval of the Board of Directors.

If conditions allow for it, the construction stage of this new plant could begin in 2025. The company plans to invest 3 billion USD in this new mill to produce kraft paper. The plant would have a production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes of hardwood pulp and would be located 50 km from the area of Inocência, which offers several benefits from a logistics point of view: there is a high-quality forest mass near the plant and the area facilitates pulp exports to other regions. It should be noted that Brazil is a very relevant center for the global strategy of Arauco, which has been operating in this country as of 2002.