Assocarta and OMI present the Monografia d’Impresa 2014 prize


Milan (Italy) hosted the Monografia d’impresa 2014 prize, the prize intended for Italian businesses that developed a monograph highlighting their business and history between 2009 and 2014, is promoted by the Business Institutional Monographs Observatory, which in ten years has catalogued more than 600 monographs, above all thanks to the volunteer work of a group of students from the University of Verona, where the Observatory is based. «The prize stems from a desire to monitor the evolution of forms and use of company narration under the scope of a business communication strategy, revealing both the companies investing in these instruments and the specialists in communication, whether agencies, creative professionals or publishing houses», explained Mario Magagnino, founder and Chairman of the Business Institutional Monographs Observatory.

The Italian paper industry alone employs more than 19 thousand workers, with production of 8.5 million tonnes and turnover of 6.8 billion. «The crisis is very real», says General Manager Massimo Medugno, «but paper and communication remain a strong combination, not only in terms of the prestige and effectiveness of communication but also in figures: the paper-publishing-printing-transformation chain is in fact today worth 31 billion euros, accounting for 2.2% of Italy’s gross domestic product».

The OMI 2014 prize was adhered to by the President of the Republic and sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as enjoying the collaboration of the most important communication category associations.

Massimo Medugno, general manager, Assocarta, Italy
Massimo Medugno, general manager, Assocarta, Italy