Bag fillers for toilet and kitchen rolls


Amotek is constantly increasing its presence and penetration on markets worldwide. As result of such precise activity is the Series of Amotek top product model PB182 for toilet and kitchen rolls that have been restyled during the last couple of years by offering new models, variants, optional or simply better performing copies.

PB182 bag fillers offer the possibility to work by both single and double lane configuration products so to have the possibility to double production capabilities in terms of packs output per minute. This, accepting up to 6 lanes infeed of single products from the log saw. The easy and quick changeover time requested to shift from single to double lane and vice versa, is one of the main features of the whole Amotek PB182 bag fillers range.

In addition, Amotek is proud to offer the latest technology based on IS220 and PB169 series, suitable for the packaging of interfolded facial tissue and cake tissue rolls in premade bags. These models are highly flexible as capable to offer different feeding units according to product orientation.