Measurement tools

Bursting Strength Tester


ABB has enhanced its L&W Bursting Strength Tester with new features to deliver quicker, easier and more reliable operator-independent testing. Unlike previous generations and other competitive models, which take longer with more manual effort, the new upgraded tester delivers faster results for maximum value and return on investment – all at a competitive total cost of ownership across the lifetime of the product.

Bursting strength is an important material property that impacts product performance in paper making, converting and end-use operations. Packaging producers use bursting strength testers to measure a material’s resistance to rupture, optimizing costs and ensuring that the quality and behaviour of packaging products meet customer requirements.

The L&W Bursting Strength Tester measures a material’s resistance to rupture by measuring the maximum pressure of hydraulic fluid needed to rupture a test piece that is tightly clamped between two concentric plates while the pressure is applied by means of a rubber diaphragm expanded by the hydraulic fluid at a controlled rate.

ABB’s reliable and easy-to-use L&W Bursting Strength Tester includes a large touchscreen, user-friendly interface and increased digitalization to deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable bursting strength results. The new-generation upgrade also features a fast-testing sequence, safe and ergonomic operation and operator-independent results.