Cartasia 2016: Biennial of Contemporary Paper Art


The eight edition of Cartasia provides a new programme of activities, whose aim is to optimize and coordinate the event with other local initiatives. The event will take place from 31st July to the first days of September 2016, with the exact dates still to be defined.

The Outdoor exhibition is the result of a competition that sees the participation of international artists wishing to create monumental works of art to be exhibited in the squares of Lucca (Italy). A jury of experts will select a maximum of eight projects out of 300 submitted proposals. A month before the start of the biennial event, finalists will be hosted in the Tuscan town to create their monumental works of art outdoors in the so-called art workshop. This year’s edition will feature artworks created on the basis of a precise inspiration topic; «Boundaries and Prospects». The list of the projects selected for this part of the competition can be accessed from the Cartasia website: by 1st April 2016 pre-finalists will have to deliver their feasibility model and the scale model. The finalist projects selected will be communicated by 15th April 2016.

The Indoor exhibition features the best creative artists of a new and rapidly evolving avant-garde art, i.e. paper art. The exhibition will be hosted in the Duke’s Palace, i.e. a 14th century building where the juxtaposition between the past and the present perfectly enhances any art experience. During the Biennial Exhibition visitors are captured by the peculiar working technique with which paper is worked, and this for any work of art on display. Experts in the field are going to be invited for the exhibition: art gallerists, collectors, critics. To this end, the organizational committee works every year to display indoor exhibitions in national and international museums, market shows and art exhibitions.

Furthermore, any edition of the Biennial Exhibition features weekly conferences on topics that are in line with the theme of the Biennial Exhibition itself, creative labs for children aged between 6 and 12 and, with this being the real novelty of the 2016 edition, real intensive training courses provided by institutions specialized in vocational training, the art market, the state of the art, communication, curatorship and much more.

Emily Nelms Perez, «Solidified» made with corrugated cardboard. The work of art selected during the last edition.
Emily Nelms Perez, «Solidified» made with corrugated cardboard. The work of art selected during the last edition.