Paper as a trendsetter

Certified high quality: Colorplan and its endless possibilities


Fifty colours inspiring creativity, eight coat weights from 100 to 700 grams, twenty-five embossings, also available for small orders and on-demand customization for specific colours, sizes and coat weights. This paper is particularly well-suited also for traditional printing techniques, i.e. lithography, hot printing and typography and has been tested for digital printing. And it is the real protagonist of a thrilling competition that has been recently launched online.

It has been termed Colorplan. Though very new, it has already a lot to say, as it was launched by GF Smith in 1936 as a range high-quality coloured papers and paper boards. Colorplan turned into an icon during the 1970s thanks to its wide variety, which also includes paper matchings, customized envelopes and custom cut sheets, and is now targeting a high-end selected group of customers, also for small quantities starting from minimum orders of 25 sheets in the standard sizes available in stock: beautiful, high-grade, refined, available in 50 colours and embossed in 25 different textures. It is ideally used for packaging, as it features the ideal coat weight and stiffness thanks to its mixture of long and short vegetable fibres and the production technique based on double wire machines. However, it has been conceived for several types of purposes, ranging from invitations, to packaging, to cards, up to magazine covers wishing to highlight the touch effect, as this is undoubtedly a type of paper that should be touched and admired in all its 50 different colours.

Besides standard processes, the company also offers a series of different services, including lamination, i.e. the coupling from to six papers of the same coat weight in any colour combination offering a totally customized creative dimension: this service is available from 175 g/m2 up to a maximum of 2,100 g/m2 (equal to 6×350 g/m2). Services also include envelopes, which come in seven different sizes: DL trapezoid shaped, DL with window, DL commercial, C6, C5, C4 and 155×155 mm. It is also possible to create customized hand-made envelopes, which range from business cards to A3 formats in size, while the DL and C6 formats also come both with rubber coated flaps and adhesive strips. Furthermore, to check the quality of Colorplan for one’s work samples and prototypes are also possible, in particular of 3-D packagings thanks to the CAD service.

Nice at the sight, touch and print

A high-quality natural support, obtained with a production process that enables high printing performance: besides its well-proven compatibility with conventional printing techniques, like lithography, hot printing, typography and relief-printing, Colorplan has also been tested and approved for HP Indigo, it is suitable for Xerox iGen, Kodak NexPress and is guaranteed for Océ digital printing technologies. It is of course recyclable and biodegradable, FSC certified, free of heavy metals and ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free ECF) certified.

The competition: looking for the most demanded colour in the world

Colorplan competition that goes under the name World’s Favourite Colour which was launched at the beginning of 2017 and will last several months, is a way to involve people and at the same time discover what is the trendsetting colour in the world, in particular for graphic designers and designers. The competition also aims at receiving the opinion of the rest of the world, which can express its views and leave its mark. Everybody is invited to choose their favourite colour in the portal; among those taking part in the competition, a participant will be chosen to receive a customized paper product in the selected colour. The same participant will stand as a godfather/-mother for that colour containing his/her name and win a trip for two to visit the plant where that paper is produced. The competition will last until spring, therefore there is plenty of time to participate.

50, 25 and 8: Colorplan’s numbers
Fifty colours: a comprehensive and highly inspiring colour palette; besides the wide range it is also possible to produce customized colours for orders larger than two tonnes. The use of virgin fibre pulp and pulp colouring with pulp obtained with light-resistant dying agents provide for uniform production and excellent resistance to fading.
Twenty-five embossing patterns: a natural velvety finish that makes it possible to create 25 different textures through embossing. The service is available for any colour and for coat weights between 135 and 700 g/m2. Most of the embossing patterns are only on one side of the sheet, however some textures provide for perfecting embossing on both sides.
Eight coat weights from 100 to 700 g/m2, plus customized coat weights on demand for minimum orders of 1 tonne up to 400 g/m2 and 2 tonnes for higher coat weights.