Earth Day 2020: a change of socio-economic and environmental paradigm is needed


The International Earth Day, which was celebrated on 22nd April 2020, was an occasion to contribute to spread hope, optimism and action, as well as to demand the immediate implementation of measures that are adequate to meet the future challenges posed to our planet.

Temporarily overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Earth Day is, instead, a chance to renew everybody’s commitment towards a profound review of our production and consumption models. For this reason, the 2020 edition has taken on an even greater connotation and meaning.

«The spread of new viruses is closely related to the worsening of ecosystems,» says Diego Florian, Director of FSC Italia «and this is also explained by a recent WWF Italia Report. Forests are at the service of life on our planet and protect our health, too. Their destruction or degradation for man-related reasons favour the diffusion of real pandemics, like the one we are currently experiencing. What we need is a change of paradigm in the name of resilience and sustainability».