Eldorado Brasil achieves further production world record and sets global environmental benchmarks


After having achieved world record pulp production of 5,156 tons per day at the end of March 2014, the Eldorado Brasil pulp mill in Três Lagoas, Brazil, again set a new world record with Andritz technologies in August 2014. On August 30, Eldorado Brasil produced 5,300 tons of pulp within a single day. This means a specific drying capacity in the range of 400 tons per day and per meter of working width.

The mill also achieved important benchmarks in terms of sustainable reduction of steam and electrical power consumption, fiber loss, and water consumption. Consumption of steam and electrical power in the pulp drying plant is approximately 10% lower, and the fiber loss and fresh water consumption are about 5% lower than in comparable worldwide leading pulp mills. The mill was started up successfully at the end of 2012 and has achieved several production records since then. Andritz delivered the woodyard, cooking system, fiberline, white liquor plant, and the new generation of its pulp drying plants to Eldorado, including two parallel Twin Wire Former pulp machines, two airborne dryers, two cutter-layboys, and four bale finishing lines.

Andritz Eldorado