Water savings

An Enea patent to reduce energy consumption and the costs of water treatment


logo_eneaEnea presented an innovative technology for the automated management of wastewater treatment plants, allowing reducing overall energy consumption by up to 36% and management costs by 15%, besides guaranteeing improved efficiency of the biological processes for the removal of pollutants.

Before being reintroduced into water basins wastewater must be treated, since it often contains very high concentrations of pollutants such as ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus. The technology patented by ENEA, through the use of probes, ensures a cost-effective, automated management of the processes for complete nitrogen removal. The patent, soon to be implemented in a full-scale plant, allows simplifying the management of the aeration systems (accounting for 75% of consumption), thereby reducing the air used in the wastewater treatment tanks by up to 60%.