If European citizens (still) prefer paper…


According what which emerged from the 59th Congress of the European Federation of Envelope Manufacturers, Fepe, an event held in Berlin from 15-17 September last year, the demand for paper communication has certainly not died out in Europe in favour of digital media. On the contrary. 81% of British adults, for example, want to choose the way in which to receive information regarding financial reports, utilities and other services. And would like to be free to choose paper communication without have to pay extra. 60% of Spaniards also say that they want paper invoices as a standard means of invoicing. In Spain and Austria quite a few campaigns are working to spread awareness of consumer rights regarding the possibility of paper communication. In Belgium, where 80% of consumers prefer to receive administrative information on paper, the campaign called «My invoice is my choice» is trying to get the right of people to choose their preferred means of communication to be respected, widened and the legal basis clarified. Moreover, 20% of EU families do not have access to the internet and therefore the right of people to choose postal communication should be included in European legislation.