Experience and innovation made in Mingazzini


With over ninety years of experience, the Parma-based company continues to impress with high-efficiency, low-consumption solutions.

The Mingazzini company is a fourth generation family business, with over 90 years of experience and more than 10,000 generators installed exclusively for industrial use. It is in fact one of the leading international manufacturers of generators.  The company’s foundation dates back to the founder, Ubaldo, who acquired important technical skills working in the maintenance workshops of steam trains in Parma. In 1929, he created the first generators using the joint riveting technology.  Today, Mingazzini is known worldwide for the quality, efficiency and customisation of its products, which are manufactured in-house using modern technology. Production focuses exclusively on generators for industrial use, in particular medium pressure smoke tubes, accompanied by energy recovery systems that increase reliability and energy savings.  The company is faithful to the values handed down from generation to generation, combining tradition with innovation, and represents a true Made in Italy that is recognised internationally.

For a large national industrial reality Mingazzini has realised virtuous plant management, both from an environmental and economic point of view, with a reduction in consumption and a better allocation of resources. Thanks to the Parma-based company’s supply of tailor-made, increasingly reliable and high-tech plants, it was possible to centralise all systems, monitor them constantly and adjust them according to daily needs, reducing waste and emissions. It was also possible to track specific consumption, creating a history that could be overwritten over time, to verify performance and analyse any deviations, thus even allowing predictive maintenance.

Mingazzini, with over 90 years of experience in the field, offers customised solutions for design and feasibility, reduced installation and management costs. Mingazzini’s Made in Mingazzini product range includes smoke tube steam generators, recovery generators, smoke tube superheated water generators, smoke tube hot water generators, diathermic oil heat generators, indirect clean steam generators, atmospheric and thermophysical degassers, accessories for thermal power plants and complete thermal power plants.  These models respond to any type of sector and need, with customisations dictated by specific production or installation site requirements, from single units to complete ready-to-use thermal power stations, taking care of every detail from the first meeting to commissioning.

Made in Mingazzini products are characterised by state-of-the-art technical solutions and highly advanced processing systems, which make them compliant with the European Directive 2014/68/EU. The three-pass design allows for high efficiencies, while the water-immersed casing increases the surface area exposed to flame without the need for refractory insulation, reducing maintenance costs. The systems are equipped with access doors for cleaning and maintenance, and can be remotely controlled and managed for seamless remote diagnostics of the generator system. Furthermore, Mingazzini’s PB series steam generators have a base efficiency of 90%, which can be increased up to 99% with specific customisations.

These results have been achieved thanks to the constant fine-tuning of the plants and production processes, offering solutions that are always at the forefront of technology, performance and that are fully covered by funding and tax breaks to encourage investment in competitiveness, including the Transition 4.0 Tax Credit for investments in capital goods, as well as investments in research and development, ecological transition, and technological innovation 4.0.