Exploit the maximum wear capacity of seal strips with no risk


The SealView technology captures the development of wear on every single seal strip and can be used with conventional and Voith HydroSeal seal strip designs. Its functional principle is based on a non-electric solution, which ensures maximum reliability in the adverse suction roll environment.
Seal strips in suction rolls delimit the individual vacuum zones and are subjected to constant wear as they are pressed against the rotating suction roll shell.
At the moment, it is not possible to determine the current state of wear after its final assembly or while the roll is in operation.
The right time for a roll change has therefore generally been determined based on empirical values.
When operating parameters change, for example due to a failure of individual lubrication nozzles, an unexpected vacuum failure might occur which negatively influences the planned runtime of the roll.
With SealView, this risk is now a thing of the past. The new technology can be built into the suction roll – independently of roll design and brand – during a roll service at one of Voith’s service centers. After changing the rolls, Voith personnel will do the initial commissioning and training at the paper machine.