Fabio Perini and DM Pack, a strategic partnership for Away from Home packaging


A new commercial partnership was launched between Fabio Perini global leader in the converting and packaging compartment of the Tissue industry, and DM Pack, an Italian company specialized in designing and producing machinery and systems for the packaging industry.

This cooperation will allow Fabio Perini to complete its portfolio in the area of Away from Home (AFH) packaging, thus displaying a complete offer of packaging machinery both for the consumer market, where it boasts a thirty-years’ experience thanks to its Casmatic brand, and for the newly tackled AFH area.

«This partnership», Oswaldo Cruz Junior, CEO of BA Tissue at Körber AG and Fabio Perini S.p.A. commented, «allows our company to close a gap in our product offer, by stepping into the industrial packaging sector, where we hadn’t entered yet. DM Pack is a dynamic Italian business, with cutting edge products and solutions. It operates in various packaging sectors – food to cosmetics to Tissue – and Fabio Perini will benefit from its 360° expertise. With this new cooperation, our company aims at making a substantial step forward in the AFH market, deploying complete production lines both for AFH converting and packaging».

«DM Pack is one of the few players in the market – Serena Dalle Molle, DM Pack’s Export Sales Executive, comments – with the ability to design and produce a complete range of machinery for packaging – wrapping, casing and palletization – offering personalized solutions to its customers and creating complete lines. For over 15 years, we have been continuously developing, growing our business and turnover, under the management of an active, motivated team. I am sure that the cooperation with Fabio Perini will bring paramount results in terms of innovation and turnkey solutions».

Thanks to this synergy the market-unique packaging machines guarantee high performances with a speed of around 100 rolls/minute and reduce energy consumption (about 60 kW). In addition, it’s possible to use the same machinery also with ecologically sustainable raw matters such as biodegradable film and compostable and paper.

The machinery will be supplied under the Casmatic brand and the after-sales service will be ensured by Fabio Perini worldwide.