Business Strategy

Fedrigoni: negotiations with Benetton-Temasek at a halt


According to information published in the Italian financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore, the Benetton family through Edizione Holding and the Singapore-based Temasek fund have not convinced Fedrigoni’s shareholders to sell the group. This is yet another failure in the negotiations, after the failure with several US funds, as well as with the Charme fund of the Montezemolo family, with whom negotiations had stopped because the operation had been too much leveraged. This time, however, the failed agreement with the Benetton family is supposedly due to a disagreement on prices: around 500 million Euros is namely the value that Edizione has supposedly attributed to Fedrigoni, while the price indicated by the Venetian family is said to be around 650-700 million Euros. Fedrigoni, which is run by its managing director Claudio Alfonsi, therefore goes its own way. Fedrigoni is one of the leading players in the paper industry and currently boasts a turnover of about 1.1 billion Euros: it is supplier to the European Central Bank for the print of Euro banknotes, producer of rupees, yuan and paper for cheques and passports.