Business Strategies

Fedrigoni takes over the US GPA for 50 million dollars


Fedrigoni announced the acquisition of 100% of the corporate capital of GPA (Gummed Papers of America) from the Svoboda Partners fund. The company from Veneto, which deals with the production and sale of different types of paper and specifically «high-added value» papers, safety products and self-adhesive products worldwide, offered approximately 50 million dollars (equal to about 46 million Euros), which entirely come from its own financial resources.

Thanks to this operation, the Fedrigoni Group, whose turnover already comes for about 64% from foreign markets, can consolidate its presence at international level and directly enter the US market of the distribution of digital print supports. The operation will furthermore make it possible to develop additional networks for the distribution of complementary products. Gap is an American company dealing with the distribution and testing of digital print supports, like plastic films, paper and adhesive products. In 2014 it registered a turnover of 71.5 million dollars, up by 50% over the last 5 years, and a Betide of 8 millions.