Fedrigoni Top Award 2021


Since 1888 Fedrigoni has stood for excellence in the production of special papers: one of Europe’s leading players in the production and sale of various types of high value-added paper for packaging and graphics, premium products for labelling and other self-adhesive materials.

Since 2005 the Fedrigoni Top Award has been a great celebration of beauty and creativity, dedicated to graphic designers, printers and brands as if they were members of a single team.

We are featuring here the winners of the 2021 edition: suggestive drawings of sea wolves for the famous colatura di alici, «archives» of teabags, chocolates in boxes, precious labels for wine, gin and beer, daring typographic games and creative solutions through fire, refined coordinated corporate images. There is intuition, art, craftsmanship, innovation, but also the right paper or label, behind the winners of the twelfth edition of the Fedrigoni Top Award 2021, announced during a ceremony-conference at the ADI Design Museum Compasso d’Oro in Milan. 


The finalists, i.e. designers, printers, publishers, brands, come from Brazil, China, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. They all used special Fedrigoni and Fabriano branded papers or self-adhesive materials for Manter labels, printed using any technique, to create proposals that were judged on the originality of the graphic design, functionality, accuracy of execution and appropriate use.


Four categories were awarded prizes In the Publishing category, the first place went to «No One can Fail – Écrire son Nom (Upo 3)» (Le Havre, France). (Le Havre, France), followed by «Moholy / Nagy and the New Typography» (Mainz, Germany) and «Phoenix Art from the Artist Xue Song» (Shanghai, China); a special mention went to «L’Architecture des Arbres» (Paris, France). In the Corporate Identity category, the first prize went to «Big Kitchen» (Lisbon, Portugal), while the second and the third went to «Book Key Cucine» (Verona, Italy) and «Golden Moments» (Leeds, Great Britain).

In the Labels category, the winners were, in order, «La Lepre e la Luna» (Montecassiano, Italy), «No Man’s Space / Capricorn Vermouth Dry & Eclipse Gin”» (Spoltore, Italy) and «Buche & Gran Buche» (Barcelona, Spain). Finally, in the Packaging category, the winner was «Armatore, lo Zingaro del Mare» (Salerno, Italy), which also won the award for the best proposal using HP Indigo digital printing technology; it was followed by «Basao Gongfu Teabag Series Packaging – Archive Box» (Xiamen, China) and «Jordi’s Chocolate» (Hradec Kr, Czech Republic).

HP Indigo, sponsor of the event together with Fedrigoni, also awarded prizes to «Tupigrafia Magazine Issue #12» (Sao Paulo, Brazil) for the Publishing category and to three projects linked to the world of labels, which this year took the lion’s share with a third of the entries, confirming a rapidly expanding segment in which Fedrigoni is number one in Europe. These were «Album di Famiglia / Last Colony Gin» (Spoltore, Italy), «Birrificio sul Mare» (Camaiore, Italy) and «Quinta dos Montes – Parcela Nº5» (Covas do Douro, Portugal). Nor should we forget the most voted project online by the community of enthusiasts and operators; i.e. «ITsocase», in the Packaging category, created by I’M comunicazione for Teorema Mediterraneo.

The winners were included in an international catalogue that will be distributed worldwide and were exhibited for two days at the recently inaugurated ADI Design Musem in Milan (Italy), together with another thirty or so works that the jury judged worthy, innovative and inspiring.