Sustainable papers

From cup, to paper


An effective slogan for an avant-garde paper which does its part to resolve what is a real global emergency: the indiscriminate use of paper cups to take away. Coffee on-the-go is in fact more popular than ever, with about 7 million paper cups used each day in the United Kingdom alone. Yet fewer than 1 in 400 of these are recycled. A real waste for a product created almost entirely of paper; its internal film, however, is polyethylene (necessary to make the cup waterproof), and this compromises recycling: a specific process is therefore necessary to separate the plastic from the paper.

Thanks to CupCycling technology, developed by G.F Smith and the James Cropper paper mill, 90% of each coffee cup is now upcycled and reconverted into FSC certified paper fibre used to create Extract: in each sheet of 380 gsm are 5 recovered paper cups.

A quality paper which, with its two weights of 130 and 380 gsm, its 10 colours, smooth or embossed with 25 different textures, can be used for any application or project. And which can be purchased in precise quantities of sheets, with a minimum order of 25 sheets for size 720 x 1020 mm and 50 sheets for digital formats. For information