From Thought to Digital


«Whatever your business, we’re at your service». This isn’t just a simple slogan. For A.Celli  service has always been an integral part of the product, and so they decided to highlight this aspect with Extreme Automation, the business unit designed to offer clients a superior level of service.

At a time when the service element accounts for a third of the value of the product, the servitisation strategy goes beyond even that, aiming right at the highest levels of Industry 4.0.

Extreme Automation creates systems that enable total management of production flow, allowing you to monitor every aspect of production, calculating the features of the reel with pinpoint accuracy, developing predictive maintenance systems for machinery, setting up machine learning systems, and optimising warehousing.

With the help of digital technology, the way of focusing on quality has been turned into top level service provision, with benefits in terms of time, profits and sustainability.