Cutting centres

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular


A.Celli Slittomatic Upgrade is the ideal solution to every cutting demand, for a guarantee of the best technology when it comes to longitudinal cutting, for an extremely high quality production.

Today more than ever, the concept of production flexibility in the nonwovens market is embodied in the ability to automatically manage a number of different cuts.

Changing recipes in record times; adapting to different production cycles; being able to count on an operational programming flexibility. These are the standards that every company must guarantee.

These features have given rise to A.Celli Slittomatic Upgrade: the evolution in the longitudinal cutting system.

In turning to A.Celli technology, you will be able to benefit from a dedicated development and quotation for the replacement of any cutting system – on A.Celli machines as well as on machinery built by other manufacturers – in favour of Slittomatic technology.

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular, A.Celli Slittomatic is a cutting management system that allows:

– increasing productivity, making knife positioning and precision faster based on the recipe;

– enhancing operator safety and eliminating the “human error” variable;

– augmenting knife performance (electrostatic bar) + dust removal;

– knife life management system;

– keducing machine downtime thanks to intelligent maintenance monitoring.