GE Oil & Gas: agreement for two of its new NovaLT12 turbines for Lucart


Customer: Lucart Group, Italy, Diecimo and Porcari Mills

Production: Monolucid papers, tissue and airlaid products

Supplier: GE Oil & Gas

Start-up: by the summer, 2020

Characteristics: GE Oil & Gas signs agreement for provision of two of its new, top-of-the-line NovaLT12 turbines for cogeneration applications. New turbines are designed for up to 37% efficiency at full load and allow for standardisation and modularisation to reduce engineering activities and delivery time as well as reduced emissions. The scope of supply also includes two fuel gas compressors, a Contractual Service Agreement (CSA) covering 140,000 firing hours for each train. This is the first NovaLT12 installation in the paper production industry and leverages the long collaboration between GE and Lucart. The NovaLT12 turbines have been designed for higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership than its market peers. Lucart is replacing its current GE turbine units with GE’s latest NovaLT12 technology.

Details: the standard model of the NovaLT12 turbine can deliver 12.6 MW, while design options will be included for requirements from 10.5 MW to 13.9 MW. As with the whole NovaLT family, the product features a modular built to significantly reduce customised engineering needs, which in turn enhances delivery time and saves total cost to customers. The NovaLT12 is 12% smaller than the NovaLT16 and can operate at up to 37% efficiency when working at full load. The turbine features HPT end-wall contouring to further increase efficiency and minimises oil leakage and associated maintenance with integral exhaust casing and LPT bearing housing. The turbine was designed for easy maintenance through simplified engine architecture and features increased operating flexibility with inner and outer baffle redesign for more tuneable dynamic behaviour.