Geir Drangsland new CEO of Norske Skog


Geir Drangsland, who has served as the chair of the board since March 2023, steps out of the board of directors to become the new CEO of Norske Skog effective from 1st September 2023. Arvid Grundekjøn has been selected the new chair of the board of directors. Grundekjøn has been member of the board of directors since 2018.

«I am pleased to announce Geir Drangsland as the new CEO of Norske Skog. Geir has an extensive background from the forest industry, and has worked closely with the management since his entrance in Norske Skog. At the same time, I will use the opportunity to thank Tore Hansesætre for his valuable contribution in Norske Skog’s transformation journey both as ceo and responsible for the mill conversion projects», says Arvid Grundekjøn, chair of Norske Skog ASA.

«Norske Skog has many exciting business opportunities ahead, and I am firm to realize these together with the Norske Skog team» says Geir Drangsland.

Tore Hansesætre has decided to leave Norske Skog to pursue career opportunities outside the company. «Norske Skog is a fantastic company with highly skilled and dedicated employees. However, after more than 14 years in Norske Skog, with more than five years in the corporate management and the last phase as CEO, I have decided to seek opportunities outside the company. I wish Norske Skog all the best for the future» says Tore Hansesætre.