Ghelfi Ondulati and New Aerodinamica: a new suction plant


There are construction projects ending brilliantly in a few steps while others need a more structured process like the one achieved in Italy.

In the province of Sondrio, Valtellina, Italy we find the headquarters of Ghelfi Ondulati  a family-run company established in 1952; their main focus is the production of high quality corrugated board for fruits and vegetables, working with Italy, France, Spain and North Africa.

Such relevant presence in the field requires an increase in productivity and constant growth. Therefore, last year Ghelfi Ondulati realized its need to channel waste products, decreasing dust and thus making spaces cleaner and healthier.

«When we considered making these changes by installing an aspiration and waste recovery machine we couldn’t but choose New Aerodinamica,» says Matteo Casti, Process Engineer at Ghelfi Ondulati.

The choice of project

«We had already cooperated with the Bergamo team,» adds Casti, «and the results have always been very successful. So, the choice was fast and targeted».

Thus, in March 2021 New Aerodinamica tech department takes the first on-site inspection to understand the feasibility of the intervention and take all the appropriate measures, even taking into account the small spaces and importance of not blocking the production line. «Given the customer needs, after an initial project draft we considered mandatory to discuss with Ghelfi what we had planned. This phase has been helpful to predict issues for the implementation phase, » says Giuseppe Zinetti, Project Manager at New Aerodinamica. «Another relevant feature was the close cooperation with an electrical system company, a partner who supported us in structuring a PLC to enable remote control and constant checks on the fans and system consumption levels».

Everything to create a plant thanks to the incentives provided through Industry 4.0 helps save energy, as is fundamental today.

Non-stop production

«At Ghelfi Ondulati we planned to create a new suction and cardboard cuttings waste plant without stopping the production lines, dividing them into three macro areas each consisting of two working machines allowing assembly and test phases while the others were still operative».

This was an apparently easy but complex task to develop due to some issues. These included, for example, the cardboard type, which was difficult to shred into waste material for the aspiration and the consequent expulsion and recycling. «This was not an easy obstacle to overcome,» explains Paolo Radaelli, CEO of New Aerodinamica, «but thanks to the active cooperation with the technicians of Ghelfi Ondulati and some “New Aerodynamics style tricks” we solved the issue step by step, thus contributing to a 100% performing plant».

This successful operation was possible with a few machine stops and completely deleted tape clogging – especially on Mastercut machines – and, at the same time, ensured air filtering indoor before being released into the atmosphere. These changes mean better environmental conditions either inside and outside. «The new system has made it possible to reduce or even cancel maintenance,» concludes Matteo Casti. «And let’s not forget the benefits in terms of health improvement for the employees, thanks to an incredible air quality. What can I say, even this time I am 100% satisfied with New Aerodinamica».

Such enthusiasm has cheered the New Aerodinamica team, who has become increasingly aware of the power of cooperation… towards the achievement of further goals.