Guide roll cover for more sustainable paper production


With the AiroGuide Tune Green, Voith is setting a new standard in the field of papermaking products made of renewable raw materials. As the latest member of the AiroGuide guide roll cover family, AiroGuide Tune Green is certified according to the internationally recognized DIN Certco for bio-based products. The guide roll cover combines all the advantages of the proven AiroGuide technology while enabling the reduction of the carbon footprint.

AiroGuide Tune Green is a composite cover using bio-based raw material with mineral fiber reinforcement. It is particularly designed for the wet end and features improved corrosion protection with enhanced edge sealing to meet the corrosion requirements in humid areas. Its good stress resistance and high wear resistance result in less grinding and maintenance requirements compared to standard covers. Therefore, the roll cover leads not only to less wear of the fabrics and reduced waste but also contributes to important resource savings in paper production.

Due to the combined development of the AiroGuide Tune Green and SkyClean doctor blades, the machine can operate without additional lubrication showers – targeting less water consumption and reduced misting.