Paper Industry World - July 2018

July 2018 – Table of contents


Editorial 6

CEN workshop milan set to advance standardisation needs for European paper and board value chain

Massimo Medugno, DG Assocarta

Enterprises&Markets 8

Margherita Baroni

Installations&Startings 16

Chiara Italia

CO2 Market 20

Bernadett Papp, Sendeco2        20

Sustainable packaging 20

Raffaella Quadri

Multimaterials in market strategies   20

Biocompack CE – step 2: the market

Food contact 26

by Raffaella Quadri

In pursuit of european standardisation

The topic of materials which can be placed in contact with food involves the whole paper mill system

Industrial processes 30

Raffaella Quadri

Lesser costs, less fuel, more sustainability

Industrial waste water

Arts&Culture 32

Chiara Italia

Precious paper: half book, half jewellery

Protagonists: Bianca Cappello

News      36