Klabin recognizes for excellent performance in Puma II project


Klabin has officially recognized Andritz for its technical expertise and project management performance during the Puma II pulp and paper mill expansion project in Ortigueira, Brazil.

The Puma II project management team initiated this recognition program in 2020 to evaluate the performance of their suppliers. The expansion was the largest investment in Klabin’s history, with a total value of 12.9 billion reais (2.4 billion euros).

Andritz played an important role by delivering key pulp and paper production technologies for a wood processing plant, power and recovery boilers, a white liquor plant, a SulfoLoop sulfuric acid plant, and a biomass gasification plant. A capacity increase for the bleached pulp fiberline was also part of the order.

Recently, Klabin presented Andritz with an award for superior technical quality in civil construction, excellent technical quality in assembly, time- and housekeeping including organization, work safety, environmental practices and people management.

“Andritz is deeply honored to receive this recognition from Klabin, a company renowned for its excellence in innovation, governance, and sustainability. Our longstanding history of collaboration underscores our successful partnership, with Andritz consistently providing cutting-edge solutions for Klabin’s state-of-the-art plants,” said Rafael Sirtoli, the Operations Director at Andritz.