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K&N Paper Kriebstein comes out of insolvency proceedings


Kübler & Niethammer Papierfabrik Kriebstein, a German manufacturer of paper, packaging and special paper, has come out of insolvency proceedings in order to become part of the Premium Pulp & Papergroup The shareholders of Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper have reported that they have injected a considerable quantity of capital to bring the insolvent K & N Paper back onto a solid basis. The insolvency proceedings were halted in April 2018, following on the positive conclusion of a restructuring plan.

The group companies will cooperate in sales, energy, purchases and research and development areas. Papers for publishing and newspapers will be distributed by Kabel, whilst special papers will be sold through a separate technical marketing division.

The company’s portfolio of specialised papers includes anti-humidity labels, backing paper, paper for printing books and digital printing paper. According to what was said in the start-up phase, a new type of paper for labels which are resistant to humidity is arriving, made with 100% recycled fibre suitable for food applications.