March 2014


Editorial by Massimo Medugno, 6

«Basta: Get back on track!» in support of Europe’s economic recovery

News from Europe by Paola Capellini, 8

To gain competitiveness…

For a European industrial renaissance

News from the world by Chiara Italia, 10

Tissue by Chiara Italia, 12

Where to find growth niches

Europe and emerging markets

Survey by Federico Reguzzi, 18

Changing the face of paper

Chemicals and paper mill: good practices of customer-supplier collaboration

Cartiere del Garda by Federico Reguzzi, 24

Papers… originating on the lake

Woodfree coated papers for the high end publishing sector

Paper production by Clara Montani, 24

A prestigious brand with a green soul

Recovering bran and using it as a raw material together with cellulose

Research by Chiara Italia, 30

Purifying paper

Corrugated cardboard: antibacterial filters for air purification

News from the Associations: Cepi, 34

News, 38

Events, For your professional update, 40