Paper Industry World - may 2018

May 2018 – Table of contents



The European paper industry and the circular bioeconomy strategy 6

Massimo Medugno, DG Assocarta

Enterprises&Markets  8

Margherita Baroni   

Installations&Startings  16

Chiara Italia              

CO2 Market  18

Bernadett Papp, Sendeco2        

Scenarios 20

by Raffaella Quadri

Mission bioeconomy

Roadmap 2050, Europe’s challenge.

Recycling 24

by Chiara Italia

Italy: objective quality  

Measurement of the quality of the paper to be recycled

Strategies 28

By Raffaella Quadri

Italian technology in the digital age  

Cutting centres

Production process 30

By Paolo Carmenati

Dampen the vibrations of the rewinder    

Intervention on the paper rewinder at Suzano Pulp and Paper

Focus: market&trends 34

By Margherita Baroni

Sappi’s trump card 

Interview with Berry Wiersum – Sappi Europe

Arts&Culture 36

By Chiara Italia

Paper from another world 

Protagonists – Caterina Crepax

News       40