Metsä Board: folding boxboards and white linerboards made from fresh fibres


Customer: Metsä Board, Husum mill

Production: folding boxboards and white linerboards made from fresh fibres

Start-up: April 2017

Production rate: at the same site Metsä Board operates a 270,000 tons efficient linerboard machine and Europe’s most modern folding boxboard machine, which started production at the beginning of 2016 with yearly capacity of 400,000 tons.

Design production rate (the new coating line): 100,000 tons/year

Characteristics: the new extrusion coating line is now producing first orders and it will serve the global food service market and offer improved availability and competitive products. Metsä Board’s PE coated paperboards respond to the tight requirements of the food service market by providing product safety, purity and protection. The paperboards are made of pure and renewable fresh fibres and are a preferred alternative to plastics for cups, plates and other takeaway packaging as well as for frozen food packaging. The paperboards also offer great value for other consumer goods and food service packaging. Currently PE is the most common barrier against moisture and water for food and food service packaging.