Midland announces strategic acquisition of J.Schmid


Midland, one of the US largest independent packaging and paper distributors, recently announced the acquisition of J.Schmid a full-service branding and creative agency headquartered in Kansas City.

Though it’s widely known as a leader in sustainable packaging, e-commerce packaging, distribution automation, and publishing and printing paper supply, MIDLAND is also growing in the area of performance – specifically, direct-to-consumer marketing and strategic consulting. Midland’s commitment to strategic consulting began in 2019 with the acquisition of CohereOne, a California-based multichannel consulting and strategic services firm.

«We always had a vision to expand our services beyond paper and packaging products, so we made the bold move of acquiring CohereOne to complement our core product offering» says Jim O’Toole, Co-Owner and Executive Vice President of Publishing & Consulting at Midland. «Our goal was, and is, to ensure a client’s message reaches the right people in the right places with strategic planning, campaign execution, digital integration and analytics. Midland is thrilled with the performance of CohereOne, and excited to take our strategic consulting business to the next level by bringing J.Schmid onboard».

J.Schmid is a team of direct marketing specialists who create seamless brand experiences across channels. As a unique hybrid agency, they understand the importance of data-driven marketing, as well as human behaviour, in order to have a better grasp of how to connect with people on an emotional level.